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Kids Page

Prayer for the young generation

Take hold of God and persistently ask Him for the conversion of the leading gang members and drug dealers.

Wrestle with God until your hearts are broken over the pain of this generation of children and youth whom Satan has ravaged.

Pray for a revolution of righteousness for them.

Engage in spiritual warfare necessary to see young people set free from Satanic chains that hold them prisoners.

Pray desperately to see this generation of physically, verbally and sexually abused, neglected, tormented, despairing and suicidal youth made whole.

Ask God to bring forth Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, and Teachers to reach the millions of desperately needy, disillusioned and frightened youth

Pray tor Revival.  It's our young generation's survival.

Pray for Children and Youth

1. That they will be given a chance to be born.

2. That God will raise up children and youth ministries in increasing numbers.

3. That they will be taught about the character of God.

4. That God will reveal Himself to them in Love.

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