Welcome to Gateway Worship Center

Dear Friends of Going Up to High Places and Gateway Worship  Center

I greet you in the Name of Jesus!

I trust that all is well with you and your church and city.  Be encouraged to keep standing on the wall and interceding.  There are changes occurring with every prayer you pray.  One of these days God is going to honor all that has been asked of Him for the Harvest, which is His heart.  We think that we need to pray to somehow stir and convince God to do something about what we care about, our city and it's souls.  Really it is the reverse:  Prayer is for our benefit because it keeps us focused on God's heart long enough to be convinced about it enough to begin doing something about it. The prayers for the Harvest must motivate us to action as well.  Prayer must keep on being a central focus and call that we will always do, but there is a time to also transition the words into action, on our part.  We just keep sitting and waiting for God to do something.  He is asking us, "Do you feel my heart enough to be moved with compassion and do something about it?" 

This is a time for all of us to be checking the motives of our hearts and ask ourselves why we want to have the power and glory of God to come down upon us.  We tend to be glory hogs, get it and keep it to ourselves, and not share with the world the wonderful Jesus that has transformed us.  A lady asked me this Sunday, "What do I say when I meet one who is destitute and hurting?  I just don't know what to say."  My answer is, "Let me introduce you to my Friend.  I want to tell you what He has done for me.  I want to let you know how much He loves you and desire to have you as His friend.  He has so much that He wants to and can do for you if you will open your heart's door and give Him a chance.  His name is Jesus."  What we have experienced in transformation should be able to be shared so that others have hope for transformation also.  Our testimony is a powerful tool.

Jesus went into the crowds and just simply met people who had needs, which He met.  He had His place of sweet communion with His Father and learned there about His Father's heart towards humanity, and went about doing what He saw His Father do and saying what He heard His Father say.  He became an imitator of His Father who expressed His heart to Jesus during those times of intimacy.  From that place he went out into the highways and byways and hedges and compelled them.  We need our places of Glory and basking in the presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, but it should so compel us that we too go out, doing the works of Him who has sent us.  "As my Father has sent Me, even so send I you."  

We need to keep praying so that we will never forget the focus of the prayers and warfare, which is, "It's all about you Jesus."  If we cease praying, the fire will grow cold and the harvest will die because we have no passion for going, passion which is being birthed into our spirits through prayer and intimacy with Jesus. 

Be encourage today to keep on pressing in.  We are almost there!  A great cloud of witnesses are gone on before us who would love to have experienced the hour that we live in.  The fact is, we are chosen for this hour.  What a privilege to be a part of the Move of God today. One such as the world has never seen is about to unfold right before our eyes.

Included are some prayer motivators that may be helpful to you.  God Bless each of you.  Please feel free to share this or forward it to others who may be encouraged by by these words to stay faithful in this hour. 

For the Love of Souls,

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